Monday, July 14, 2008

Aprons out of vintage pillow cases

I took the pillow cases I bought and made cute little Cafe Aprons out of them! I've only made three so far. I plan to cute the scraps into squares and make a quilt. I'll need more squares so I'm off to go thrifting again today. My goal is to find vintage crazy 70's the couch and wallpaper in my childhood home in New York. I remember big burnt orange flowers and brown leaves...retro yellows and greens.
Memories...sweet memories.

Here are two of the aprons I've made so far.

John is off work so we will do our usual....go eat Sushi. Then I'll drag his tired butt around and thriftique. But he likes it so I know he won't complain.
Will today be my day? Again. I hope so!

Two funny photos to share...the boys got a tampon; Tori caught them and snapped these photos. It was funny! Reeses has the tampon; Dinosaur has the wrapper.

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Beths Blog said...

cute aprons! i hope your day is successful. i don't know if you still check your email but do. i sent you an email.