Thursday, July 3, 2008

Meg and Toria

I woke up Sunday morning with a knot in my stomach. I let the dogs out went back in the house for my morning cup of pick me up. Then it hit me...the knot was my nerves...I was worried before I went to sleep the night before and prayed hard cause my girls were flying back to America. To make matters worse they are on different planes and different times.(Meg's was booked through her college; Tori booked hers on her own. Tori is also flying in and out of Memphis.) So I went to my Secret Place (my bedroom closet) and spent time with God. I prayed and prayed for Him to protect my daughter's and keep them safe on their journeys home. But, even though He told me not to worry and to trust Him...I still kinda worried. I decided there was no way I could go to church and concentrate and I needed to be by the phone at all times. So I did what I do best....I cleaned. Worry cleaned. My house was already clean cause it has just been John & I...but I cleaned on top of clean. Then I did the other thing I do best...I cooked. Worry cooked. I made Meg's favorite... homemade Salsa and homemade Ranch Dip. Then I did the other thing I do best...I baked. Worry baked. I baked John & Tori's favorite cookies...Oatmeal Craisins and sunflower brittle. By that time John arrived home from work and had saw all my creations. haha He hugged me and let me know he too has been worried and has spent lots of time with God. So at this point I'm running out of ideas of things to make...and ingredients. So I picked up my crochet. That kept my hands busy.
Finally....a sound I haven't heard in almost 6 weeks. Meg's ring tone chiming from my phone. I was so excited I could barely pick up the phone.
Hello....Hola, Momma...Oh, Thank you God!!!!!
I felt half my worries lifted....the other half were still in the skies somewhere over the Gulf of Mexico.
Meg was safely on the ground in Atlanta. Her flight to Little Rock was being delayed cause of weather. Bad weather. Just one more thing for this mother to worry about. Dear God, I'm gonna have a nervous breakdown. Finally, she is in the air to come to L.R. meanwhile, Tori is still in the air headed toward Atlanta. John & I go to LIT airport and wait and wait. Her flight is late. We see the weather over Atlanta...oh I'm pacing and praying that all is alright. God send angels to spread their wings and protect the planes and my girls. Then we see it...Meg's plane coming out of the sky and landing on the runway!!! Oh, relief....but I'm still worried about Toria. Fifteen long minutes later we see this tiny body with long curls smiling and waving at us....and at the same time I hear "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch".....Yay....pure relief...that's Tori's ring tone!!!! I got to talk with her and hug Meg at the same time. But, just as I was happy Meg was on the ground and safe in America; I was worried cause Tori was telling me that they ran into bad turbulence and now the weather is so bad in Atlanta that they are having to sit on the plane and wait to taxi to the gate cause the runway personnel can't come out due to the weather. Meg said that the flight from Atlanta to L.R. was the worse ever due to the turbulence as well. We got Meg's suitcase and headed to El Can to eat. Tori called while we were there...she finally got off the plane and made it through customs. Meg shared all her amazing stories with us about the school, the trips and her host family. Finally at home...9 pm...exhausted, Meg wanted to do laundry and get a shower and go to had been a long day. Her dog Dinosaur...was SO excited to see her...her cried and scratched her chest when she picked him up. He was kissing and love biting her lip. He remembered his momma!! Meg finally crashed on my bed about 11:30. I still had that knot in my stomach cause I knew Tori was on the plane to Memphis. My phone rang at a little past midnight. Tori was safely on the ground!! But, worries aren't over yet, cause now her and the four other friends are going to drive back home! On this time of the night. Oh Lord, I pray...keep there eyes open...give them the energy they need to stay awake for this drive. So I lay in my bed, with Meg and the dogs...watching TV and praying and just plain being worried!!! Finally, 3 am.....I hear the garage door open! I run downstairs and out the door and hug my baby girl! Thank You Lord!!! Alleviation!!!
We go to my room to let her sister know she is safe....we end up talking on my bed until 4:30. Oh, the stories of the zip lines through the Rain Forest....the Tarzan Swing in the Rain Forest...White Water rafting....getting stung by hundreds of fire ants on the beach in the Caribbean. The old man Juan that reminded them of my Dad. Oh and how Tori was so sick one day for 8 hours....vomiting and well the other end as well....every 15 minutes....she couldn't get off the bathroom floor she was so sick. How she said, "I want my Momma" and Meg comforted her and stayed with her and rubbed her palm to make her feel as if I was there. They knew if they called me I would have been on the next flight down there. She is better. Thank you Lord!!!
The next morning I awoke at 7....2 1/2 hours of sleep but I had so much energy. I was happy I had my girls home!! I made homemade scones for Mom and Flynn came over for breakfast (well, was noon when all woke up) and we all had a cup of the amazing Costa Rican Coffee the girls brought back for me. This is by far the smoothest coffee I have ever tasted.
I'm am so thankful to God for keeping my girls safe.

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tori houston said...

haha yeah momma, i haven't stopped eating everything you've made since i've been home. i missed your creations A LOT...even though i was only gone for ten days. I can't imagine how Meg felt being gone for a month & a half. eek.
this is a sweet entry.
you're the best.
i love you!