Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Productive Day

I have had a very productive day so far!
I worked on Tori's afghan this morning. This is the third day in a's coming along wonderfully.
I made a Grocery Tote out of one of the vintage pillow cases I found last week. I'm quite pleased with the overall look. But, the next one I make will have a few changes. This case was considerably thin so the bag will only hold light items. So if using sheets or pillow cases I'll double up the material. I think I'll try this in a canvas soon. This tote will be perfect for the Farmer's Market!

I wish you could smell my house right now. Tori & Natalie are making lunch. Homemade Vegetable soup with fresh local grown ingredients!! They bought Spinach Feta Cheese bread from the Old Mill Bread & Flour Company to go along with the soup. Oh, yum!
I'm off to eat a most enjoyable meal.

*Update~ The soup was amazing!!! The bread was delicious. Tori & Natalie you girls are incredibly wonderful cooks! I'm so proud of you both! Thank you for the healthy lunch!


tori houston said...

i have to admit, it was deliciouuuus.
: )
your tote came out darling. i'm so happy for you that finally got your sewing machine!
love you momma.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Betty!

I just love reading your blog! I think I might start one soon! :)

& it was so great spending my last day at your home making delicious soup. I always feel so comfortable at your home... almost like I'm a Houston myself :)

Love you!