Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mom's Birthday

My mom looked radiant at church today in her beautiful green dress my girls bought her. Meg came in from Conway to attend church with her on her birthday. Tori was working her last Sunday at the Waffle House. Tuesday will be her last day working there.

We invited Mom over for a birthday dinner. I made her chicken pot pie; one of her favorites that I make by scratch. Yep, I even boiled the chicken whole and made my own chicken stock....even made the crust. Yum! Not to brag or, it was really, really good.Instead of the traditional birthday cake with loads of bad calories; I made Blueberry Roly Poly...but, I modified's low-fat. Even the homemade whip cream. Mmmm good.
Enjoying a cup of coffee. Tori and Grandma

Poco is in her arms and you can see the beautiful dress. Oh and her beautiful car too! Doesn't she look amazing !!! Can you believe she had 9 kids!!? My mom rocks!!!!
I hope she had a wonderful birthday!

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Anonymous said...

She is the essence of class, always has been, always will be...they should put her pic in the dictionary under the definition of "a lady".