Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fun Day!!!

Here is Tori's car! The body shop picked it up today and will start working on it tomorrow. It should be ready by the 15th of this month. That's 3 days after she moves to college. She is using my car until then. That just gives this momma an excuse to have to drive to see her so we can swap cars.

I love purple!!! I saw the top fabric first and fell in love with the delicate flowers. Thats when I decided to buy lots of different purple fabric and make a quilt. I'm stoked about it! I think I'm a little crazy though...I have so many other projects going on. I'm going to start cutting out my squares this evening....after Big Brother....I am going to try to refrain from sewing until I finish Tori's afghan.

The 3rd one has a beautiful navy background. The last fabric is a dark purple...this will be the back of the quilt.

Tori & I went shopping for college today! Guess what...I didn't cry! We had a blast!! We went to the river market and ate lunch at Boulevard to fuel us for a day of shop till you drop. Our first stop was Target. We love Target...who doesn't, huh? We knew what we wanted we when walked in the door....bedding, bathroom stuff, hamper, etc. As we walked through the door instead of going right towards the household wares we gravitated to the clothes by this invisible force.(this is what I tell John) We just had to give in to the temptation and try something on. We ended up buying these dresses. Just being goofy.
Once this dress is ironed out It's gonna look cute.

Got that out of our system and headed far away from that department. Tori didn't need as much as Meg did when she was a freshman.
1. Tori went to Governors School last year and lived in a dorm and we bought lots of "dorm" stuff then.
2. She isn't moving into a dorm...she's moving in a house with Meg.

So we kinda went "house/college" shopping. She found a hamper, closet organizer, hand mixer, measuring cup and spoons (the girl LOVES to cook) and so much more. She really liked this comforter but decided to see what was at the other store.

We then headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond. She found the burnt orange shower curtain her & Meg wanted (that's 1 project I don't need to sew), towels, wash clothes and a cool rug to match. She got 650 thread count sheets in a beautiful brown color. But she didn't see a comforter that she liked. So (as momma predicted) she said she wants the one at Target. So we head back to Target and run in to get the comforter. It's olive green and is going to look lovely over the brown sheets.
and it's reversible.

And that stinking invisible force pulled us towards the purses....I ended up buying me a cute orange one. Target is a dangerous store!
It was a fun day!


toria said...

it was indeed a funnnn day. : )
thanks my hot momma!
love you!

Barbara said...

That invisible force is really something to reckon with. I've had to more than once. Love that bag.
I'm glad you and Tori had a great time together.

Barbara said...

Forgot to tell you how much I love the material you picked out for your quilt. It will be beautiful.
Love you,

Barbara Jean said...

love the material for your quilt... and that Toria melts me she is so damn adorable!!