Monday, July 7, 2008

When the electricity goes out...

So the 4Th was fabulous. My nephew Nate, turned 3 that day and my brother Chad (his Papaw) always has a huge BBQ and tons of fireworks. Its was wonderful as usual.Me & my can see her dog, Poco as well.
Sisters...check out Meg's new haircut. Whoa...about 8 inches cut off!! Doesn't it look beautiful.John & I with the boys, Reeses and Dinosaur.

Saturday, Meg, Tori & I went and had a mother/daughter date. We ate at Boulevard Bread Company in the River Market...went shopping at the Farmers Market....

Then we went to Wild Oats. While we were checking out we looked outside and it was pouring and I mean POURING down rain. We decided to make a mad dash for the truck. We had our cloth bags but we needed one paper bag cause we bought more then anticipated. Well, not one of us thought that the bag might get wet...that it would fall apart and split open if wet.....yep, that's right, when Meg picked it up to put it in the truck we heard a crash and then we looked down....she said, "Oh, Momma I'm sorry" was no big was just my bottle of wine. But, seriously I was glad no one was hurt and I can go buy another bottle. I was happy it wasn't the Ginger salad dressing!!! We all get in the truck totally soaking wet, boy was I glad I didn't wash my hair that day. So we drive home in the pounding rain...the girls take a quick nap...why not, I would too if I weren't driving...the roads to our home were all flooded...I've not seen anything like that and we've lived here 6 was like a stinking river. So we drive slow until we reach our home. I push on the garage opener...nothing...push, push, push oh, crap we have no electricity!!! Before we had left for the day I made a pot of tomato was still warm so the electricity hadn't been off long. Meg got ready for work and headed out the door. Ten minutes later John came home from work. I was on the couch contemplating the situation. I found myself feeling frustrated...I realized just how dependent we are on our electricity. We have no TV, no computer, no ovens or stove and no lights. How did they do this 100 years ago.

John offered to take Tori and I to eat sushi but, I already made the sauce and was craving eggplant parmigiana. So he suggested we use the gas grill. Tori & I lit up and got all excited...In Tori's words "Let's Do It"....why not...lets give it a whirl. Let's live like they did 100 years ago...OK not really but you know what I mean. So we all put on our aprons and got to cooking. John & I cooked the eggplant together outside.
We acted silly...laughing at each other and enjoying quality time.

While we were doing that, Tori was busy inside making a Caprese Salad with the amazing fresh ingredients we bought that day and her amazing fresh basil.

I assembled the parmigiana and away it went in the grill. 15 minutes later it was bubbly and the cheese was golden....quicker then my ovens. So as I was taken it off the grill...the electricity came ON. We all started laughing. When the electricity goes out...don't fret just work with what you have. We spent that time talking, laughing and making a wonderful meal together. As we sat down at the table, held hands to pray John thanked God for that time we had. We kept the TV off and continued the theme. It was a wonderful day!

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