Friday, July 11, 2008


I had a goal...I wanted to look for vintage pillow cases, Pyrex bowls and my favorite Fire King Ware. So John took me thrifting! I love it that my darling husband loves to go thrifting and antiquing with me! The first place we went to I found my bowls!!!

These are my lovely Fire King bowls...the two on the left John found for $1.50. I was so proud of him! I found the one on the was $2.50 but it's two tone and pretty.

This is my other Fire King I found. I love the way it goes from black to yellow.
I then found these Pyrex wheat nesting bowls. Jackpot!! I was a happy camper!! All the bowls have few or no cracks...a few scratches but they are vintage.
We paid for my bowls and left the store. I was pleased. I didn't even care if I would find the pillow cases today or not. I was totally stoked about my bowls. We had to drop off some items at Good Will (Tori cleaned out her room) so we decided to hit another Flea Market. Oh goodness me....the third booth I went in I spotted them. Sitting there all neat and pretty. I looked at John and smiled wide.
So here are my pillow cases!

John said, "Today was your day". I love when that happens. When you find exactly what you set out to find. Actually, I don't think that has ever happen to me.
I am content!


Beths Blog said...

What are the pillow cases for? Just for you pillows or are you doing something with them? Just curious. Do you have certain places you go to shop? I'm glad it was your day!!!!

Anonymous said...

You have such a beautiful life!