Thursday, August 7, 2008


Complete, finished, done, end and every other synonym!!! I have completed Tori's afghan!!!

I'm very proud of this afghan. I had originally intended for it to fit a dorm size bed...which is a twin wide but a little longer in length.
Well, somehow I got carried away and it ended up being way too long. It's more like a queen size plus 2 feet. I probably had a glass of wine the night I started it. By time I realized it I was to far into it to start over.
So as I was making the afghan I was trying to figure out what the heck I was going to do with the length.
I decided to fold over the afghan and crochet up the sides and make a pocket. She can put her feet into it on those cold winter nights. Actually I think it goes up to her knees. Aren't the colors marvelous?! It's a very warm & cozy afghan. Here is the pocket. I'm proud of my design!! It really looks awesome and the length is perfect now. I'm excited I finished it before she moves off to college. It's going to look beautiful on her bed.

My next project are the curtains for Meg & Tori's room. Tori & I went shopping today for the material. I have 5 days to get them done.
Tori and I had our last date night tonight...well, last one with her living at home. We went to Dam Goode Pies and had a damn good time! I'm going to miss that girl....I'm going to miss her in the kitchen baking healthy treats.
Like these Oatmeal Banana Blueberry Muffins.

Speaking of Mom made this Truffle last week.

Sure it's fat free....yum.I had 2 servings....Oh so delicious.

and here is a picture of my nephew Jude Righteous. He looks exactly like his momma when she was a baby.


Barbara Jean said...

OK so your def gonna teach me to crochet... love the colors and the pocket idea. You put a lot of momma lovin in that and it shows. Nice job Betty

guess who said...

i agree with aunt barb!

you did so amaaazing i'm excited to see it on my bed!
& to brag about it to my friends ; )

our last date night(while i am living at home i must add) was bittersweet. i'm going to miss you too, momma, but you already know that.

love you.

p.s. hey, don't let me sleep in too late today.
wake my ass up haha.

Beths Blog said...

hey betty,
the aphgan is beautiful. i love the colors! it was great for you to get another project going, made you get this one done. good idea.
zach comes home sunday and then next week we finish up and head to the "Hill". :(
kristyn loved having lunch with tori!!!