Saturday, August 9, 2008

Staying busy

I have 9 curtain panels to sew and as of now I have finished 5. They are coming out quite nicely. Doing all this sewing has actually helped me....I haven't had time to mope around the house and think of Tori moving out. But, I can guarantee that I'll wake up to let the dog out tonight...get back in bed and I won't be able to go back to sleep because I'll be thinking about my baby girl...all grown up, in college and on her own. come the tears.

Tori went out with my mom today for lunch and to shop at Fresh Market. She came home with these gladiolas for me!!! That really made my day! They are going to look beautiful when in full bloom.
Wasn't that the sweetest!?

And here I go...can never have just 1 project at a time. I always have to be crocheting something. This is the Alpaca yarn I bought a few weeks back...I paired it up with angel hair. This will be a wrap shawl....for myself.

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me me me said...

way to go, momma. your crafty side is coming out like caraaaaazy. : )
& you're doing awesome with the curtains. they will look so beautiful.
& you deserve the flowers, & the shawl!