Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Frustration....How do you act when you get frustrated? Me...well, the situation I encountered today put me in a state of pure frustration and all I could do was cry.....ok and I'll admit it...I cursed a little as well. My morning was going great....I was finished with my workout, cleaned the kitchen and checked my e-mail. It was time to do a little sewing on my quilt. Everything was running smoothly, I was in my own little world sewing. Then it machine made a funky noise and the bobbin was all jammed up. I stayed calm, tried to fix it and the same thing kept happening. I finally called my mom, who told me to calm down and that it sounded like the tension. I tried for an hour to fix it. Finally I called mom again and said I was getting ready and will go to her house with my machine so she could look at it. At this time I let the dogs out who ran off after the bunnies; I slapped my hands HARD and yelled stop (I'm still upset and frustrated over machine) and when I slap my hand I busted a blood vessel. Holy Crap that hurt!!!! So I get the punks in the house and go up stairs to shower. Guess what....NO hot water.....the breaker tripped. Geezum Crimeany can this day get any worse for me? John wakes up and when I see him I burst into tears and tell him everything that happened. He calms me down. Since I can't shower just yet I go back to my sewing machine. I played around with it and realized the tension (Mom was right...should have listened to her) was messed up. Problem solved. Thanks mom!!! John said I just needed him to wake up and smile at me and thats what fixed the machine. Oh if life were that easy. :)
My day got better. I finished sewing squares for quilt. Crocheted 5 rows on afghan....I'm almost done!! John took me out for dinner & a movie. Thanks love.

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