Tuesday, August 5, 2008

To Do List

I am a "To Do List" girl. Everyday I have to write my list of things/goals that I want or need to be done. As I accomplish each task I must put a check mark by it; sometimes I'll cross it out but mostly it is check marks. Yesterdays list was fairly long....

1. stretch/ walk 2 miles
2.Sew Megan a grocery tote
3.Defrost garage freezer & clean it, clean out inside freezer and fridge
4.start sewing some squares for quilt
5. crochet 7 rows on afghan
6. water outside plants
7. laundry
8.cook big dinner with Tori
9. gym
10. watch movie "21"

I was on a roll yesterday! I stretched then walked and was finished with that by 8:30. I was pouring sweat because it was HOT out there. I didn't mind the sweat though...I like to imagine the sweat being ounces of fat rolling off my body. I want to lose these stubborn 8 pounds! John says it's all in my Butt....well, that's why I can't fit into my favorite Paper, Denim & Cloth jeans!!!! Hopefully by October I'll be slipping back into those.

It didn't take long to make Meg's tote. I made the same pink one out of the vintage pillow case that I made a few weeks back. It's just a little bigger. Perfect for her to take to the grocery store.

The outside freezer was a pain in the butt. It needed to be defrosted like a year ago. Not sure if I'm going to turn it back on since it's just going to be John & I. My dad gave me that freezer years ago....it will just sit there cause I'm not ready to part with it.

I did it..yes, I sewed some squares even though I said I wouldn't until the afghan was complete. But, it's 103 degrees outside and to hot to crochet a huge heavy afghan in the middle of the day. I sewed 2 rows. I'm so excited. I did find out I need to cut more squares. I figure if I at least get some rows done on the afghan it's alright to sew the quilt. I can't have 1 project at a time anyway!!

I ended up just getting 5 of the 7 rows crocheted. Thats OK....Tori knows it's not going to be done when she moves in anyway. I didn't realize how HUGE this afghan is...I'm talking HUGE!!! HEAVY!!! I'll weigh it when I'm finished.

Didn't make it to the gym. :( Oh well at least I walked 2 miles.

We put the movie in about 8 pm. It was going good and then about an hour and 15 minutes into it sleep fell upon me.I had been on the go all day, my body just relaxed. Oh I tried to keep my eyes open but finally gave in and got comfortable. I do this a lot. Fall asleep. I have even done it in the theater. I'll have to finish the movie today.

Dinner was good...Tori tried a new recipe. Zucchini Pancakes. She used the zucchini and onion that my brother and sister-in-law grew. They were oh so delicious and healthy! I baked a chicken and along with it we had steamed mixed veggies, purple hull peas & steamed brown rice. For a dessert Tori made healthy banana & blueberry whole wheat muffins.

I have a list for today as well....just not as long. It's Tuesday, John & I have date night every Tuesday. During the summer it's usually date all day Tuesday.

1. stretch/walk 2 miles
2. cut squares
3. crochet 3 rows
4. gym
5.dinner/movie with John

It's 7:45 am as of now...I should have the first 3 complete by 10:00-10:15.
Have a good day everyone!!

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Barbara Jean said...

We must get the "to do" list thing from mom, and I am happily passing it down to my girls beings that it makes the chore list go faster. They love to check it off when it's done and I like it getting done!!