Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tori off to College

Tori is settled, somewhat, in her home away from home. She isn't staying in a dorm like other freshmen because she got a wavier to live off campus since her sister lives in that town. The two of them and 3 other girls share the cutest, quaint, artistic old home in the area. Its actually a very big house. Meg and Tori share a bedroom, which I assume was intended to be the has a bathroom and a back door entrance. The back door has an old bell you turn as the door bell.

We went up to the girls house on Tuesday to hang the curtains and so John can put some shelves in their closet. Here are the photos from that day.
Bathroom curtain.

Here it is tied back if they wish to do it that way. It looks so good with the shower curtain and the blue walls. They went with a burnt orange, brown and light blue theme.
John hanging the rods and me ironing the curtains.

These curtains are adorable...this is Meg's side of the room. That's clothes on the bed waiting to be put in the dresser that we were bringing up.

This is Tori's curtain on her side...the photo is a little dark. These curtain have a delicate pattern. I had so much fun making their curtains.

Wednesday....move in day. Yesterday was such an emotional day!!! Tori must have gone up to her bedroom 10 times to look at it 'one last time' and to make sure she didn't forget anything. John & I stood in the room with her several times and we all cried. Don't get me wrong....she isn't a baby...she is a strong intellectual woman...she is just very attached to her sanctuary(that's what she calls it) and very close to her daddy & I...that it was just hard for her to let go of it all. Does that make sense? Cause, you guessed it I'm crying again!! We got on the road for what seemed like the longest emotional drive ever. Tori wanted John & I to ride together....she drove behind us. I knew as we drove off and she shut the garage that she was just an emotional wreck and I then turned to worry momma!! But, I watched her in the mirror and her driving was fine. So John & I reminisced about the younger days and we were emotional on and off. We arrived at the house and it was time to start unloading!

Yay, the bed is up! Tori loves her soft cozy bed. Just noticed John in the back...he has a picture in his hand, he must have been asking Meg where they were going to hang it.

Here is the photo John had in his hand. This was taken by Christy Hollingshead photograpy. It is the sweetest picture of my girls.

Tori & her bowb bowb....she has been attached to this what use to be a baby quilt for 18 years!! Can you believe it use to be bright primary colors?!! I honestly always thought to myself....she will bring that to college someday...and here she is.

Work daddy work.

We took a break and went to dinner at The Smokehouse. This is a pretty picture of my baby girl.

Both my pretty girls.

The sad but proud parents. See that necklace around my neck. Tori made that for me and gave it to me Tuesday. I'll cherish it forever.
It's a momma bird and baby bird. Made with love

Tori's side of the room. Look at the orb...they were in so many of the photos.

Tori's bed. It looks really pretty. She always has loads of pillows on her bed. Awww and there is the college afghan all neatly folded on the edge of the bed. I prayed over that afghan to keep her safe....may hours of prayer...God keep my baby girl safe!!

Meg's side and yes her bed is under there somewhere. Actually, she texted me a photo last night and it was all cleared off and made neatly. They had finished their room.

This is a good picture that shows how big this room is. They both have queen size beds and tons of furniture in this room. They still have plenty of walking space.

I know this is so cliche but "where did the time go"? Both my college....grown women!!! John & I arrived home to our empty nest around 8 pm. I went upstairs to wash my make up off or what was left of it and saw a letter propped up against the pillows on my bed. I started crying immediately...I picked it up and it read...
"to the two beautiful humans who created me"
"with all the love in my heart"
crying the entire time I went outside to read the letter with John. We both were bawling like babies. It was a very touching letter. She talked about this being the most difficult transition period of her life. How she is ecstatic about her future but not stoked about leaving home...leaving us. She said, being sad about leaving proves to her how wonderful we have parented her and been her friends as well. She ended the letter with a quote from Fleetwood Mac Landslide....

"I've been afraid of changing "cause I've built my life around you.
Time makes you bolder, even children get older, & I'm getting older, too."

Tori you will always be our "little bit". We are extremely proud of the woman you have become. You are an amazing daughter and a wonderful friend. Your daddy & I love you and are so very proud of you. I look forward to hearing all about your classes and just about life in general. Remember your sanctuary is always open to you.

John & I are proud of both of our daughters. We are also very thankful to have such a close relationship with them. We thank God for allowing us to be the parents of two very precious girls...and thank him for helping us mold them into the women they are.


Barbara Jean said...

What a beautiful blog. You definitely
got me all choked up. You've done your job and what an amazing job you've done. Your girls are as amazing as I hope my children become when my job is complete as well. Congratulations Betty, you should be proud of yourself!!
with love,
Barbara Jean

Anonymous said...

It was truly a day of mixed emotion...but when it was all said and done we have alot to be thankful of. The PBJ Tori made me and her for lunch was the highlight of my day. I thank god for blessing us with such wonderful children and for giving us the means to raise them..I hope we have made him proud of us too. Love 3, John

monique said...

Wow, what a very moving blog. (made me cry) You are a very lucky momma to have such beautiful, caring, young ladies as daughters. I hope when the time comes for my girls to go off to college I am as lucky as you. You have done a great job and are a great roll model for all mothers.
Love, Monique

. said...

of course you made me bawl, too.
everyone who commented previously is right, momma.
don't worry, i'm going to be home as much as possible, 'cause i miss you guys just as much as you miss me.
it would be an understatement to say that you & dad are amazing.
love you forever, always, & no matter what!

Anonymous said...

Aw, Mrs. Betty! I always end up crying after reading most of your posts!

It kills me to know I can't be there for Tori, in person, during this transition of her life.

You & Mr. John are such wonderful parents. I am so happy that mine & Tori's friendship has allowed me to have such a close relationship with you two!

I'll be thinking of you!!

Love & miss you both!


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Wow, thanks for sharing such an emotional day with us. I got all choked up reading your post...I guess that's part of parenthood. Saying goodbye. Your girls are beautiful and obviously so well-grounded. I am sure God will keep them safe. Thanks for visiting me!