Sunday, August 10, 2008


I am done with the girls curtains. Here they are folded up all neatly. All I need to do is press them again before hanging them up on Tuesday. The bird curtain is for their bathroom. It is made from a vintage sheet Tori found at Savers for 99 cents. The others are for their bedroom windows.

We welcomed a break from sewing and packing and went over to my moms for an amazing dinner. She cooked Baked Ziti and Crab salad which was made with Marscapone instead of mayonnaise served on ciabatta bread. YUMMO!!! And of course she made another fat free Trifle.Raspberry Peach Trifle. Which I need to correct myself while I'm thinking of it....I said truffle in my last blog post instead of trifle.

Tori & her daddy.

I had me a big glass of Pinot Noir to end my day. I figured I deserved it after all that sewing. Meg bought me this wine for mothers day. Now that I'm relaxed I think I'm going to get a bubble bath and go to bed.

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