Sunday, August 24, 2008


I woke up today to my darling hubby coming out of the bathroom with his hand raised in the air. Babe, you got a question for me?
Haha, my hand hurts bad and it looks uglier today. (it feels better when it is elevated)
Whoa, he wasn't kidding....gag me with a spoon...nasty! He had called into work to let them know he had Staph and would not be coming in. I stayed home from church because I didn't want him contaminating my house and so I could baby him of course! He took a pain pill and has been in bed most of the day. Bless his heart.

I checked my blog and found out that
I was very excited that I had been selected as a Saucy Blogger over at The Secrets in the Sauce.

I sewed a tote today for work I love my little lunch bag I made last week....but I needed something to go over my shoulder. Why? Because I am stopped by a million gazillion 6th graders the moment I walk into school asking for help opening their lockers. Ok...more like 2 or 3 but it's everyday! I couldn't juggle my lunch, purse and everything else anymore. So I made this tote.

It's reversible! Who doesn't like ladybugs?!

This is going to be perfect!!

I'm off to go cook up a breakfast dinner for John. I hope everyone has a wonderful week.
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Heather said...

Adorable tote! How awesome to be able to sew like that! I can scrapbook and make cards with the best of 'em, but I totally failed sewing in home ec. :(

I'm honored to be on your blogroll; I'm adding you to mine, also.

Hope your hubby gets to feeling better soon. Did they lance it? Or just do antibiotics? You don't wanna mess with staph, I'm sure you know.

Have a great week!

Brenda Jean said...

My husband always insists on showing me icky cuts or injuries over and over when I just don't want to look, plus he's an Emergency Room RN and tells me all the gross stories. BAHAHAHA I hope your husband's injury heals well.

I love the tote-- lady bugs are very cute in any form.

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

Yet another Saucy girl! Congrats on being Saucy! Eeewww about hubbys hand, hope it heals fast! Your girls are very pretty! off to look around some more! Cute bag!

toria said...

momma, it turned out so cute!
thanks for dinner & spending time with me this weekend : )
love you, & have a good week at work!

Bar-b said...

you're one of THOSE teachers aren't you. A good one? :) Sweet bag and thoughtfulness in regards to helping out the kiddos at school. Lucky kids.

Found your blog through SITS...happy saucy blog week!

mrsbear said...

Congrats on the saucy blog. Hope your husband is feeling better. A staph infection is scary.

mommaof4wife2r said...

congrats saucy! fun tote...and way too bad about hubby's hand. yucko!

Lisa said...

Great lookin' tote. Very summery. Makes me want to break out my sewing machine and stitch something up.

Hope your hubbys hand is better.

Aubrey said...

Gotta love those ladybugs! Cute bag! But you are oozing with too much talent lady!! LOL

What A Card said...

Cute tote!

And I did find you through SITS...congrats on being one saucy blogger!


Well, I am jealous because you can sew and make beautiful things! I can barely sew a button on.
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