Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tori came home today to swap cars. Her car came out of the shop Thursday. So I made her a big dinner. I made manicotti and served it with bread and a salad. It was good...I'll have left overs for lunch tomorrow. :) yum yum
She also took several pictures of their clean room to show her daddy & I. transformation since Wednesday.

Tori's bed. She collects old cameras well any camera actually. She is an amazing photographer. Can you see her fish eye camera on her bed?! Love the Polaroids on the wall. She is very sad that they soon will be extinct.

Meg's bed. She took 2 pillows to camp (she is a counselor at a camp for children with disabilities) so her bed looks bare. Daddy has to put her bed on the frame still.Love the swallows poster and the elephant mirror. Aww...and she has her college scrap afghan I made her on her bed as well.

The room is very dark! Tori said she misses her room at home and all the sunlight that came in her bedroom. But at least they have a back door she can open and curtains to pull apart to bring in some of those rays.

I took about 30 minutes today and made this tote out of a vintage pillow case. I just cut and pattern...just went with how I felt. It came out cute. I gave it to Tori for her and Meg to use.

I thought about turning the fabric so the butterfly was up right...but I kinda like it like this.


mommaof4wife2r said...

i love ur tote...and i totally do the same thing all the time...just go with it! good work there mom!

and, i guess u answered my it hard when they leave? it must be. with my 4, i can't imagine life without the craziness!

btw...ur girls are gorgeous!

thx for stopping by my blog!

Barbara said...

The bag came out real cute. You did a good job. Again!!
Love, mom

toria said...

i can't wait to use it!